Frequently Asked Questions

The Beehivr Platform

Is the Beehivr platform available on iPad only?

Yes, to achieve the best user experience, we focused all our development work to maximize all the features available on the iPad tablet. The Beehivr platforms is compatible with the iPad 2 and newer generations.

Does the platform work offline?

Yes, once downloaded, the interactive content is housed in the onsite iPad and can then operate without an internet connection. The accumulated business intelligence is stored on the iPad until a connection is re-established and the data is sent to our dashboard.

What are some of the interactions that are available through Beehivr?

Please visit our Usage page to view all possible interactions per industry segments.

Can Beehivr connect with my CRM?

Yes, our team of engineers can connect Beehivr with your CRM so that you can access and use all the business intelligence data and client information in real-time.

Are there implementation fees associated with the platform?

We charge a monthly licence fee per iPad. There are no additional implementation fees associated with the platform. However, we can assist our clients with a complete turnkey service.

I need more information about the technicalities of the platform, can you help?

Please visit our platform functionalities page to view all available features per industry segments.

Interactive Content

Do I have to create the interactions myself?

The platform was built to facilitate the creation of interactive content directly on the iPad, with a user-friendly drag & drop editor toolkit. You can choose to create the interactions yourself or may choose to trust your project into the hands of our experienced design team.

What kind of media assets can be integrated into the interactive content?

Beehivr can integrate JPEG and PNG picture files, MP4 video files as well as PDF files into your interactive content.

How much time is required to deploy or update a project’s content?

An interactive project content can be deployed in real-time as soon as the Beehivr platform is downloaded on an iPad. The download and the deployment are swift and do not require any supervision.

Tell me more about Beehivr interactive content project license.

One Beehivr licence gives you access to the platform and all its functionalities for a single iPad user. The license has a monthly fee associated with it. To find out more about our licence, our packages, and our SLA, please contact one of our representatives.

How does the creation process work with Beehivr?

You are free to create an interactive experience to your taste as there are no predefined templates. Our easy to use editing tool functions on an iPad.  The tool lets you access your media assets stored on the cloud, add data forms and other components as well as incorporate the buttons that guide the user’s navigation and create a custom experience that meets your marketing objective and fits your brand.

How much time is required to create interactive content?

On average, an interactive content project can be created within 40 hours. A simpler project, a subscription form, for example, can be produced and deployed in as fast as 4 hours of work on the Beehivr platform. It all depends on the complexity of your project.

How can I download my interactive content project?

Please see the download interactive content project guide here.


What kind of support is offered if I don’t want a turnkey project?

We offer a user guide and some videos to explain how to build each component of your interactive experience, as well as how to deploy and manage them.  We also offer a more in-depth and personalized training for your team, should you need it.

What are your turnkey services and how much do they generally cost?

We can support your team project from the ideation to the deployment of your interactive content on iPad, including the creation and implementation of desired interactions. Please contact us for a solution tailored to your needs.


What kind of business can use Beehivr?

Any business that wants to interact with its onsite customers can use Beehivr, whether the iPad is enclosed in a kiosk a or handheld.  Our customers consist primarily of retailers, mobile sales forces restaurants, trade show exhibitors and event organizers.

Does Beehivr provide iPads?

No, Beehivr is a technology development company whose primary product is an interactive content creation platform. We do not provide iPads to our clients.

Does the Beehivr licence include Internet connectivity?

No, Beehivr license is sold as software as a service (SaaS). It does not include Internet connectivity.