Create amazing interactive communication content with the flexibility of the Beehivr platform

Digitalized Relations

Interactive Interface

Make your customers want to share with you their valuable information by creating interactive interfaces with user-friendly forms for lead retrievals or newsletter subscriptions.

100% Customizable Forms

Beehivr platform’s lead retrieval feature quickly tallies up email addresses and other relevant information of your choice from consenting prospects and clients, building up databases for newsletters or other email communications.

It's All on the Cloud

Every lead and contact data will be securely stored on the cloud and available on the platform’s dashboard or connected to your CRM.

subscription form for newsletter Rudsak
scratch and win contest


Gamified interactions

Your participants will enjoy original interactions such as scratch & wins, games or questionnaires, possibly leading to a prize (at your discretion).

Total design freedom

Contests structure can take multiple forms as visuals are limitless. The high-resolution iPad camera can also be used to personalize the contest form.

Prize Management

Contest odds can be managed on-site in real time, directly on the iPad.

Training Tool

Training Program

As each iPad sits within your stores and in the hands of your sales staff, it can host your employee interactive training program designed and deployed on the Beehivr platform.

Interactive Library

The Beehivr platform can host a range of informational documents, from catalogs to guides to set-up instructions, all to make sure sales staff are kept informed of the latest news relating to your stores.

Tasks and Learnings Management

The platform provides you with the ability to keep track of staff training through the completion of tasks such as quizzes and educational steps.

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post seminar survey Apple


Customized Questionnaires

The Beehivr platform can create satisfaction surveys for targeted clients or qualifying surveys for lead generation, making it simple to capture feedback and information about your target markets.

Flexible Answering

Surveys can be tailored to meet your specific needs, from the simple ‘smiley’ answers and standard multiple choice question formats to text boxes that invite the user to type in an answer.

Constant Updates: Better Feedback

The interactive survey forms can quickly be updated to make sure the right feedback is captured.

Results Reporting

Survey data is easily accessible on the Beehivr platform’s online dashboard.

Sales Assistant

Ultimate Direct Assistance

The Beehivr platform allows your staff to adapt their sales pitch and support their sales argument as the conversation unfolds with a client.

Everything at your Fingertips

To better answer your clients’ needs, all documents and information are available right at your fingertips, structured in user friendly customized menus for swift access.

Carry-on Mobile Web

Adaptable, the sales assistant also gives access to the company’s website through a Wi-Fi connection.

sales assistant BDC
product catalog Staples connect

Product Catalog


Show the newest products or innovative services to in-store clients with an appealing and dynamic catalog experience.

Always Updated

The catalog’s customized interactive structure makes it easy to navigate and find content that is up-to-date.

Pictures Say it All

As visually appealing as it can be, the catalog shows interactive presentation of products including text, videos, images, web links, etc.

Virtual Advisor

Interactive Questionnaire

Create a decision tree based on a series of choices, gradually narrowing down the results to a tailored recommendation.

Direct Conversion

With a fully customized design and a unique virtual experience, you can help drive sales toward products or services of your choice by answering all clients’ questions.

Data & Feedback

Accumulate customer data and feedback and review analytics through the Beehivr platform’s real-time online dashboard.

virtual advisor- L'Oréal
humanTouch webRTC video call feature - humanTouch webRTC conférence vidéo

Expert Advice

Face to Face Advice

With Beehivr it only takes a web-connected computer and an iPad with a camera to establish the best interactions between a client and an expert.

WebRTC Connection

The Beehivr platform connects your clients to experts’ iPad through WebRTC (real-time communications), engaging conversations and displaying live content right on the prospective buyer’s screen.

Worldwide Reach

Your experts can be located anywhere in the world, while providing personalized expert advices on your products or services.


Client Service Tasks Management

Beehivr helps you integrate and organize tasks and client information from your CRM onto the platform’s interactive content to offer a more personalized service to your clients.

Connected to CRM

All contact data can be directly sourced from your CRM, making the information exchange seamless.

Wide Array of Use

The Beehivr platform can support clienteling efforts by updating the interactive iPad content to include a list of customer related tasks (such as phone calls to clients) for each store location.  The platform can also connect to your CRM to present each customer’s pertinent information (preferences, purchase history)  of the in-store customer that has just arrived in the store for a more personalized shopping experience .

humanTouch network - ressources
what's new promotions Dynamite


Communicate Your Message

Help inform your in-store clients of your products and promotions with a standardized message across all locations.

Always Updated

With the Beehivr platform, you can modify, adapt or update your interactive content and visuals, such as text, videos, images, web links, within minutes.

Data Gathering

The platform can transform your promotion communications into a useful data collecting tool at the same time.

Photo Booth

Gamified Experience

Get all the attention at any event with a fun photo booth activity delivered through the Beehivr platform.

Only One Tool Required

With a simple iPad tablet and its integrated camera, you can deliver high resolution and customized pictures to your participants.

photobooth - La Presse+
brochure kiosk pdf - BASF

Brochure Kiosk

Send Follow-Ups Instantly

With the Beehivr platform you can select and send documents to your clients right from your iPad, to make your conversations memorable with quick and pertinent follow-ups.

Collect Leads

Gather email addresses for future marketing efforts while presenting your digital marketing documents.

Any Files Will Do

Save on printing costs as any files can be sent to your clients, helping you determine the list of the most-asked-for documents.