The Mobile Sales App to Empower your Sales Team During Meetings

Transform your marketing collaterals into a mobile sales app for your field sales team

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What’s in it for your sales team?

Beehivr’s intuitive and adaptable mobile sales app allows your sales team to transform traditional presentations and client meetings, into interactive experiences.

Flow Through Presentations as You Flow Through Conversations

No sales pitch is linear; Beehivr allows for flexible flow of information and the possibility to adapt content, as the conversation unfolds.


Beehivr assembles all of your sales collateral and client information in one app, allowing your sales team to save on preparation time and focus on more value added tasks.

the Onboarding

New team members benefit from a rapid and easier onboarding process with instant access to all pertinent information, offered on an interactive and intuitive interface.


The up-to-date content allows your team upsell and cross-sell and ensure that your brand message is delivered more consistently across your market.

A mobile sales app for
agile sales teams

Empower your sales force with a mobile sales app

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